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How to go to Koh lipe

How to go to Koh lipe


1. Getting to the island by plane

Visitors who travel to the island to go down at Hat Yai Airport. Airlines to open flights to Hat Yai is.

When the plane is already at Hat Yai Airport. A trip to the island to ride the van to go to Pak Bara  You can go two ways.

  1. van or minibus to the airport into a van queue agricultural markets. Situated in downtown Hat Yai Then take a cue from Van agricultural markets to Pak Bara. Prompted by the need to queue at the Van Pak Bara.
  2. Reserve a van to the hotel to pick up at the airport directly 250 baht to Pak Bara.

Queues from agricultural markets to Pak Bara. It takes in about 2 hours (not including the period of waiting) and the trip to the island by speed boat to Koh Lipe is in the period from 11.30, 15.30. It should also        be booked. Flights to Hat Yai airport at least three hours before departure  and from the island back to the dock at 9:30, 13:30 pm., so book your flight back home after 16:00 pm.


Getting to the island by train There are two trains of Bangkok – Yala or Bangkok – Hat Yai by the time                  the train, specify that you want to the Hat Yai Railway Station, then have two ways to go to Pak said. mold

-The One way taxi ride from the train station, which will be parked under the overpass in front of the post office branch Radtakan. Or take the bus go to satun about 97 km.

– The second way queue van  to the agricultural market. Situated in downtown Hat Yai Then take a cue from Van agricultural markets to Pak Bara.

– The third way you can call to book a van by  the hotel  to pick you up at the train station to directly 200 baht / trip to Pak Bara.

For more information and timetable on. Railway station Telephone 02 223 7010, 02 223 7020 or


Take bus at Southern Bus Station. Borommaratchachonnani road Bangkok – Satun want to identify with that. stop at the la ngu , satun with a bus tour to three different VIP, P 1 and P 2. Bus tours are available daily. The trip takes about 14 -15 hour after that you can take the car from la ngu  local minibus to                       Pak Bara. The journey takes about 15 minutes to inquire about the price of a bus ticket and the car on. Southern Bus Terminal

– Regular bus Telephone 02 4345 557-8

– Bus air Telephone 02 435 1199

– Website


Getting to the island  by car from Bangkok. The route to the south. Highway through the fourth. Phetchaburi, Prachuap Khiri Khan. Genesis to separate Chumphon., Switch to Highway 41 and go straight until you reach the district Thung Nakhon Si Thammarat.. Turn to the right to Trang. Drive on Highway 403 to the city of Trang. Turn right onto Highway 404 North. Fields timid Yao then to Highway 416 North. Thungwa on the way, then drove to the entrance zone. Ngu and then onto Highway 4052 through the mid-market district la ngu would have. Signs to Pak Bara. Drive to the end  The total distance from Bangkok – Pak Bara total 973 km.

Koh Lipe Information


Koh Lipe Information

Koh Lipe Island is located in the province of Satun. Small Island looks like a flat boomerang. Koh Lipe is that the local fishermen. The island is flat, similar to the paper itself. Koh Lipe width of the island to the island, about 3 km and is considered the last island on the southern Andaman Sea. In the next area is considered the area’s connection to the international maritime sea of Malaysia itself. Koh Lipe is outside the jurisdiction of the Tarutao National Park. Therefore exempt from the laws of the National Park.

Island away from the land of the Province 62 km and in the south of Koh Adang. There are people living on the island, about 500 people into the agricultural and fishing occupations. Is an island of tranquility.                                   The water is shallow The point is to swim as many points. Features that make tourists come back to the island every year, it is more natural to remain fertile. And the beauty of the surrounding coral reefs around the island with beaches, inlets and beautiful bays. Turquoise sea And the beaches are fine white powder as flour. This is what attracts  thousands  of  tourists  travel to the island.


Location :  in the east of Koh Lipe

The hundreds-matter-long beach with ranges of coconut tree is a superb site to watch sunrise. It is the front of the island and is the nearest spot to Koh Adang. Beside the islander community, there are also some resorts along the beach for traveler. From this beach you can walk toward the west to Haad Pattaya 2.


Location: in the west of Koh Lipe

Haad Pramong  ( Sunset beach ) is quiet beach , not so much travelers but This beach is a beautiful place to watch the sunset.


 Popular activities most tourists do when visiting the island. Snorkeling or Diving. Just go out to the beach only a little. You can snorkel right away Swimming at the beach Coral and various fish The island can be done throughout the island. But the best dive sites that are included in the one-day dive trips (one day trip) is considered the most popular trips. To take over the island. Near the island.

Lipe island, visitors can travel throughout the year. But during the trip and for the most number of tourists between November and April.


Haad Pattaya
Location :  in the west of Koh Lipe

Haad Pattaya might lost its identity because the name is identical with the one at Chonbury.

However, their natures are in fact completely different for the semicircle sandy beach of Pattaya very clean and beautiful. There are some accommodations, restaurants, touring services diving equipments for rent here. Moreover, or the island in Satun, this beach is the best site to watch sunset scenery.

Koh Lipe is the center of traveling for those who wants to visit Mo Koh Adang-Rawi. When passenger boat from Pakbara Pot arrive at Koh Lipe

In the evening, motorboat would bring travelers to the resort at several beaches. The next day travelers might hire the whole boat to nearby island. Such as Koh Adand, Koh Rawi, Koh Dong. It is possible to cover these islands within one day. Then come back at Koh Lipe to stay over for another night, and lave the island by passenger boat in the morning